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Apr 8, 2022

Allie Ollenburger announces candidacy for Fargo School Board

Allie Ollenburger is announcing her candidacy for the Fargo School Board, June 14th, 2022, election. Allie’s focus is on three key areas, support for educators, accountability, and a strong strategic vision for Fargo Public Schools.

Allie is a lifelong Fargo resident, mom of two, military veteran, successful leader, and a natural go-getter. Allie currently works as a Support Engineering Manager at Microsoft, where she leads teams of engineers in global support operations.

“I am ready to step up and bring my leadership background to the Fargo School Board, where I can advocate for our teachers, be responsible with taxpayer investments, instill creativity and problem solving in the restoration of quality education in Fargo Public Schools.”

As a global leader, Allie works with diverse stakeholders, ensures successful outcomes and collaboration between all parties involved and removes barriers that allow her direct reports to be the best version of themselves. This strong background in collaboration, leadership, and creativity will be key in delivering results as a board member.

Allie is always involved in her children’s activities, from teaching Wednesday night Hope Kids, to team manager for her son’s hockey team. She jumps in feet first ready to get things done and a seat on the Fargo School Board will be no different. She lives in Fargo with her husband, Tom, and children Henry and Annabel in North Fargo. ALLIE OLLENBURGER, CANDIDATE FOR FARGO SCHOOL BOARD

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